Rosa Twilight Zone.



Autumn is in the air,

Cool mornings precede warm sunny days,

Pie – Eyed Currawongs are gracing us with their presence.

The air is heavily laden with the scent of roses and lavender.



Late last night I was reminded yet again how fleeting gardens are.

Vibrant in their youth,

And like everything in the universe this vibrancy doesn’t last forever.

Perennials need replacing every few years,

Annuals dance for just one season.

Trees grow and age slowly, gracefully with the years,

And shrubs too, shining with youth,

Grow dull with age.



A garden is a never ending process of life and death,

And the gardener who is truly in love with their garden,

Carefully tends with loving hands,

And replaces those that are lost.

Hence the garden changes it’s appearance,

Some old with new.

And the cycle starts again.

7 thoughts on “ Rosa Twilight Zone ”

  1. Gorgeous rose photo, Karen.
    I’ve lived here for almost 26 years and your words really speak the truth – change is constant! I look at old photos vs. today and what a difference.


    1. Thank You Eliza, I think it is a good thing to keep in mind, some people start a garden and say that’s it, without realizing that. that’s not it at all.


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