Ghostly images have been seen…at Jenolan Caves House and have been captured by camera in one of the caves.

I must admit to experiencing an eerie feeling on this particular visit to the caves, although not on previous visits.

Jenolan Caves are limestone caves and they are the worlds oldest known

and dated open cave system.

Kangaroos and Wallabies can be seen around the area,

and we did see a few wallabies in this particular cave,

which is the Devil’s Coach House cave,

and also outside of our room.

If you are ready for a climb you can also see the Nettle cave which we saved for last.

This cave is a free self guided tour cave,

with stunning views as you reach the top.

In my early 20s and leading into my 30s I did quite a bit of painting in oils and acrylics,

Land and seascapes as well as flowers.

I used the camera as a reference, and remember quite distinctly taking lots of photos of rocks,

which I never ended up painting.

I think this was a sign of things to come.

When we arrived here I couldn’t wait to see the Blue Lake again,

In all it’s myriad shades of blue, green and turquoise.

I have seen this lake in many different colours.

That morning it was a deep turquoise – blue.

This is the natural colour of the lake,

And is caused by the refraction of light passing through limestone sediments on the rock bed below.

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  1. Those caves gave me the chills, Karen, for real. They look creepy and there is something about them that is beautiful but at the same time disturbing. Beautiful shots!!! Loved the contrasts the limestone. ❤


    1. Thanks Amy, I still get a creepy feeling looking at these images – maybe it comes from watching too many horror movies about caves, or perhaps they really are haunted.

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