Pink Dahlia



Caitlin was up early this morning and…

looking forward to her walk to school, and the house.

Skipping down the front porch steps of her own home, she nearly tripped and fell,

but this didn’t dampen her jovial mood this morning.


She made sure she left a bit earlier so as there were not too many people up and about.

This gave her that little bit of extra time at the house.


Looming just in the distance she could see it now,

An old, two storey house – recently renovated and painted a luminous shade of white on the outside.

It had a front garden full of the most beautiful flowers that she had ever seen,

Enclosed by a white picket fence.


Oh! the flowers, in the most delicious colours and the fragrance so fresh and sweet,

Like the florist’s shop in town.

Walking as fast as she could,

Caitlin finally reached the house, double checking to make sure no-one was around,

She stopped and gazed at this miraculous paradise.


Flowers of all colours grew and thrived here,

waving their delicate heads in the soft breeze that had just arrived.

Just for her – she thought, appreciating the scent of the Lavender bushes.


Ever so carefully, Caitlin reached over the fence to gently caress the most precious bloom.

A bloom of such perfection, it’s petals so delicately formed, the colour reminded her of Strawberry Ice cream,

And hot Summer days.


Caitlin’s desire to have this bloom, just this one bloom, was so strong she almost plucked it from the bush,

that was so tantalizingly close to the fence.

Should she? It’s only one and no – one is around, she thought to herself.

But Caitlin knew deep down, that this would be wrong, and with great reluctance,

Withdrew her hand.

With one last, lingering look, she continued her walk to school,

But the longing and desire for that perfect bloom had burned deep in her heart.


One day, she thought to herself, I will have blooms as beautiful as those in my own garden,

And it too, will be surrounded by a White Picket Fence.


Another version of the pink Dahlia that I featured awhile back.

This version is a bit softer, closer and I added a bit more colour.


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