Jamison Valley seen from Olympian Lookout.
Mid afternoon the sun was hidden behind the clouds. It was a mere 8 degrees celcius but felt something like below 0 with the wind chill factor.


A howling wind roared through Jamison Valley as I carefully trod down the steps taking in the ruggedness of the landscape. Raindrops started to fall, leaving a wet trail on what was already soggy from recent rain.


I saw lush ferns growing along the edges of the path, a strong contrast to the wild and often harsh looking flora that Australia is known for. Old tree trunks white and weathered with age stood like Sentinels on either side of me.


Reaching the lower platform of Olympian Lookout I hastily set up my gear, using the wide angle lens and placed the tripod against the railing. Magnificent views of the valley lay before me and as much as I wanted to stay the howling wind and cold was just too much. My fingers had just about verged on the blue side and the wind had nearly blown – what I thought was a heavy, sturdy tripod over, along with my camera and myself as well.


Leaving home earlier that morning, the weather was mild and I just didn’t think to take my warm weather gear up there. I had to purchase a jacket which cost me a packet but is so warm, much warmer than my other coats at home, I now wear this to the mountains along with my beanie, scarf and gloves.

I also keep an eye on the wind speed before we head up to the mountains now as it is really unpleasant at this time of year being out in windy weather.


I took this shot last week just before the snow hit Katoomba. Yesterday there were still patches of snow on the outskirts of Leura and travelling up toward Blackheath and Mount Victoria.

More on that later.


Olympian Lookout is located at 27 Olympian Pde  Leura.

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