That day at Mount Victoria was our last fine and warm day at the Mountains, and also down here as well.

The weather has turned bitterly cold and the wind blows a cold draft of air through the gaps in the front door, leaving a chill in the hallway.

Mountains views can look so very similar and become quite boring after awhile, so I like to focus on other things like rocks, paths and the local flora.

Colours, texture, shape and form and how they appear in the landscape.

The way the light glints through the canopy of trees, casting shadows or perhaps the multitude of colours that appear on rocks and how they sit in awkward but pleasing ways in the downward slope of the valley.

Stark contrasts against blue skies as clouds skitter by reminding me of warmer days, other times, other places.



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    1. Smiling, Yes Eliza! some are sunny, some cloudy some rainy. It’s a mixed bag this season. And there is the chance of more snow up in the mountains this year and that really makes me smile.

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