Queen Victoria Lookout at

Blackheath in the Blue Mountains boasts stunning views of Empress Falls and the lower Valley of the waters.


I didn’t take any shots from this lookout point, but just before there is a track that takes you down to an un – fenced rock platform.

A platform that I got just a tad too close to the edge of, but captured that shot you saw in the previous post – shrouded in mist.

The views from here were magnificent and I really got a kick out of the fact that my husband and I were alone here,

While the other visitors by – passed this track and were merrily making their way down the tedious steps towards the lookout and other walking tracks.

This track was really hard for me and I didn’t think I was going to make it back, but I did and had to rest, for the rest of the day and night.

I was left with no energy whatsoever and my muscles ached with every step on the steep walk back – up steps.

Later that day I mentioned to hubby – ” I can’t do this anymore”.

But the next day just thinking about the time we spend in the mountains and the beautiful views, the shots I capture, I think it’s worth the effort and will be back for more – torture.


I enjoy hiking and I enjoy meeting other hikers along the trails that run in and out of the mountains, having a quick chat, they all seem so friendly and Happy, if not a bit out of breath like us.

Mind you most are a lot younger than us.


So I will wrap up this post today with the images I took, I hope you enjoy them.

Queen Victoria Lookout and other hiking trails are accessible from

90 Fletcher Street

Wentworth Falls

Blue Mountains.



The Blueberry muffins at Wentworth Falls Bakery are scrumptious.


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