I have a thing about poppies

I love Poppies

Pastels, brights

They make such great photographic subjects.

A vase full of brightly coloured poppies can really brighten up your day.

Poppies are flowering with gay abandon in my garden at the moment.


Taken with my D3200

And  Nikons AF-S Micro Nikkor 60 mm 1:2.8G ED

The D3200 isn’t Full Frame.

I really think I prefer Full Frame.


Full Frame cameras have larger sensors which means they let in more light – hence less noise.


I have yet to find a decent tripod that isn’t too heavy. The Manfrotto I have now is light but not as good as the one I just sold.

It appears that the better the quality – the heavier it is in the photographic world.

Good quality glass is heavy – and expensive.

And so it goes.


I am currently looking at the Sony A7R11 which is Full Frame

or maybe Nikons D750 which is also Full Frame

Or perhaps the …..

Will be better.

Decisions Decisions…..

Or perhaps I will just stick with the D3200 until it’s had it’s day.

5 thoughts on “ The Thing About Poppies ”

  1. Love my Fujis but wanted to try full-frame. After an agony of indecision I just ordered a D750. Was also looking at Sony’s offerings but the lenses are so big and expensive. We shall see how I get on with Nikon!


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