On The Edge.


Nikon D810

VR 70-200mm f/2.8G



ISO 64

I took this shot by hand with the 200mm lens which is super large and heavy.

Usually I use the tripod, but sometimes tripods don’t fit in some spaces easily,

And sometimes I just get lazy and try for the hand shots which sometimes turn out well.

This camera and the lenses I chose for it were well suited to low light conditions.

My D3200 and the lenses that I have for this camera don’t perform as well.

It pays to choose good quality glass for your camera as much as you can afford.

Apart from camera gear, to get good shots, shots that people will want to look at for awhile and not just quickly glance over,

You need to use what I call – the artists eye.

Try to imagine how the subject you have chosen will look as a picture.

Most of the time I use this method, sometimes I just forget to.

Some people may call this composition, but it’s more than that.

It’s very easy to take a great shot – but would you hang it on your wall.

Most good photographers are highly creative people with a strong artistic sense.

This also applies to photographers who are trying to sell their images in an already highly saturated market place.

To sell images that people want to buy, take into consideration and study the latest Interior Design Trends – which I do, but don’t base MY photography around.

Lower your prices, the consumer can always pick up something very similar at a much lower price.

Unless you have a high profile or are a well known public figure, you can’t afford to set your prices too high.

Consumers will be more inclined to buy from a photographer who is well known and has awards, and will spend the extra money with them.

Lastly – Target Your Audience

Do you want to sell to Galleries with an upper class clientele – people who have the money to spend on photographic art.

Or do you want to try to make money via the internet or other methods.

Determine this and set your sights on achieving that particular goal.

As for me, I have no goal, If someone wants to purchase an image, well that’s cool.

I prefer to just take photo’s

Travel, do some hiking and enjoy the beautiful world that we all reside in.

Trying to capture that beauty through my Photography!

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