Ah yes, more poppie’s

One of the things I have re – discovered about the D3200 is how amazingly light it is compared to the D810.

Mind you I still miss this wonderful camera. But as you age, or if you have an illness you must make choices and there are certain things that you can and should not do.

Being Me, I always tend to do the things in the SHOULD NOT DO list – just because I can at the time – but usually suffer later and wish I hadn’t done it.

But let’s get back to my current camera.

The other day I found myself bolting down the staircase with my super light tripod – camera and remote swinging wildly from hand,

to catch a shot of the early morning sky.

This is something I did not do with my previous camera.

I would trudge down the staircase just clasping the tripod, with the camera around my neck, and with a purpose I would set up and shoot the subject I had in mind.

Everything was planned.

Such joy at having a lighter camera and tripod – now I must buy a camera bag.

What! you don’t have a camera bag.

Well I did until someone – not mentioning any names, offered it along with my previous camera gear.

It goes something like this.

The young asian couple who came very quickly to view my camera gear mentioned a bag.

So grudgingly I showed them my camera bag.

It was a good few years old, worn and frayed at the edges and I hadn’t cleaned it.

The woman nodded and said yes.

But I replied ” It’s really old, and look, it’s dirty too”. I hadn’t cleaned it out for quite awhile.

She didn’t care – she really wanted my bag.

And so I relented and gave her my bag, knowing I was going to get a new one somewhere along the track anyway.

Nearly in tears with sadness and happiness knowing I had really made this couples day, they departed with many thanks, hugs and kisses.

I don’t usually become attached to things, but that camera and the lenses were a part of ME.

A part of me I had to let go of.

I still miss the camera and whenever I see D810

Ah yes such a beautiful and fantastic camera, I used to have one of those.


No longer to be poisoned by civilization,

He flees

And walks alone upon the land,

To become lost in the wild.



Nikon D3200

Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G



iso 100

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  1. LOVE this photo, Karen! It makes me think of cafe umbrellas. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make one out of cloth that looks like this? The light filtering through – gorgeous!


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