Painted Poppies

Striving to be unique in the photographic world

Is getting harder as the Web in continually bombarded with images taken by all sorts of people, and all sorts of camera’s.

Over time we tend to absorb all this information and subconsciously transfer it to the images we take, or the way we write.


From an early age I have always strived to be unique – not following the crowd or dressing the same as every one else.

So to take images that don’t resemble someones else’s work is indeed a very hard task.

When you first start out in photography, you study other peoples work that you may admire, how they created the image, what camera and lenses they used, what settings.

But there comes a point where you must branch off by yourself and create your own work, and develop some sort of style, and I think the easiest way to do this is to

Not look at other peoples work as much and concentrate on creating and perfecting your craft.

I don’t write about photography and how to do it all that much either.

To me photography is more of a creative process, and sometimes I don’t think about what I am doing,

I just tend to do it and experiment a little on the way.

Every one has different ways of taking great shots,

And different opinions regarding this that and the other, in this way we are all unique.

For example – I know a lot of photographers regard the early morning and late afternoon shots to be the best,

Anything in between is not worth looking at.

Or to get sharp shots you must use a fast lens, but I and many others have taken good sharp shots with a slower camera and lens.

In Photography there are many variables and light is the most important aspect.

For Flower and Landscape photography I always use a tripod and shutter release.

But sometimes snap the odd shot by hand.


In the above image Painted Poppies you can see a few poppies crowded up close.

One blends subtly into the distance while the others are vying for attention.

To create a sense of contrast and depth in this shot

I sharpened up not just one focal point, which is usually the way,

But looked at the image from an artistic view point,

And sharpened a few edges and other points to add contrast and depth.

With Photography it is a lot harder to add contrast and depth than it is with painting or drawing.

This is where the technical part of photography comes into play.

And that is another story for another day.

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  1. You’re right in what you’re saying, Karen. Creativity is a an evolving way. It’s important to know the basics and rules of photography and to have a look to another photogaphers. But then it’s time to go its own way and to make some experiments.
    Lovely, lively flowers!

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