We were starting to get a bit tired of the gloomy, rainy, misty conditions in the Mountains.

And I know!

We missed the snow up at Oberon and Jenolan Caves.

It is such an awfully long drive there and back just to catch some snow shots.


This shot I took near Eagle Hawk Lookout along Cliff Drive

Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia.

This is a beautiful spot, not too sunny as it is shaded by large trees and overhanging branches.

An easy, short walk especially for arthritis sufferers, relatively flat but a bit rocky and you can go behind the fence on one side if you dare.

I didn’t.



After this trip I wasn’t worn out at all.

We visited another spot as well which I will talk about later.


I had a good chance to test my new camera

Nikon’s D7200

This is a DX format and is similar to the D810

And I think almost as good.

It has a larger sensor than the D3200

The same amount of mega pixels.

It has no anti-aliasing filter like the D810 but a couple of hand held without VR turned out really well.

A built in flash like the D3200 amongst other features that really appeal to me.

DX format lenses are a lot lighter and smaller and the D7200 is about the same weight as the D3200.

I picked up a new camera bag which is so cool, it’s a backpack and has a tripod thing on the back, which I didn’t use.

I’m so glad Hubby sold my other bag now.

Still testing this new camera and I bought a new lens today so will be testing that out too.

Wishing you a happy rest of the week.


17 thoughts on “ At Last A Sunny Day ”

    1. Thanks Victor, I might stick with the dx lenses due to their light weight and reasonable price for now. Although I do really love some of the full frame lenses, they can be a bit too heavy.

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      1. The DX I just bought is a bit heavier but I can just get away with it because it’s not as big as the full frame lens that I had with the D810. Its good because it replaces my 18-55mm and the 55-300mm. I don’t really need the 300mm as I don’t really do bird or wildlife any more. It’s not easy finding good quality that is lightweight.

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