Peckmans Plateau

We had this beautiful spot all to ourselves last Monday as there weren’t too many tourists around.

Mid day isn’t a good time for photography and the sun was shining directly in front of us as we took in the amazing views from Peckmans Plateau at Katoomba.

This is another lookout spot along Cliff Drive and is about 30 mins return and reasonably flat, I would probably call it a grade 1 walk with no awful steps.

This shot, I can’t quite remember if it was from Peckmans Plateau or the spot I mentioned in my last post,

near Eagle Hawk Lookout.

I really enjoyed the day with my light weight camera gear,

and having been stuck in the house for weeks suffering from Sydney stress,

it was with great relief that hubby and I finally managed another trip up to the Mountains.


Before I actually settled on the D7200, I was looking at the new D500 and Sony’s A7R 11.

Testing the weight of these two camera’s they were not much lighter

than the D810 body and battery included.

They did go down in weight, but only in degrees,

with Sony’s A7R 11 being the lightest, but still not light enough for me.

I must admit I was quite taken with the Sony,

and seeing great images and specs from this new camera plus the reviews,

it really tempted me.

I went home quite dejected,

thinking I was going to be stuck with the D3200,

which is a good camera but it lacks a lot of features that I prefer in a camera.

I think the major put off with Sony,

was the price of the body alone and the lenses,

which are super expensive and probably just as heavy.

All up you would be looking at around,

$12,000 australian dollars to set yourself up with this gear.


I picked up a new lens yesterday,

AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR11.

This will take the place of my current 18-55mm wide angle and 55-300mm zoom.

It ranges from wide angle 18mm – 200mm

which is plenty for landscape work

and means I don’t have to change lenses and is also a bit faster than the other two.

So far with a few quick test shots yesterday in low light,

with the D7200 hand held,

I can find no fault and the raw files are very similar

to those that I have taken with a faster lens with the D810.

Anyway time will tell,

and as of yet I have not had much time for photography,

but hopefully today I can get stuck into some flower and macro work.

Best Wishes


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  1. Wow, that’s some serious camera gear at 12K!! Awesome. Regardless of the time of day the photos are great. I’d love to visit Australia! ❤️


    1. Thanks John, yes it is an expensive set up but that would include lenses of course and those ones are rather expensive. Australia is such a beautiful country and there are so many places that I been too, or photographed but been to.

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