I have a little bit of spare time today,

So just another quick post.

Just a few of my images that I have had made up and framed.

The top one is from a pro – lab in Melbourne, framed locally in Sydney.

I had this made especially for myself, it’s hanging up in the house, as it brings back fond memories of the Mountains.

The second is from From Fine Art America.

I will be starting a gallery soon,

where I will sell my work framed or as prints.

Oh! and of course my images are still available as prints if you are interested, just use the contact form provided.

 My new website is in the wings,

So I will let you know more about that when the designer has finished it,

And it’s all set up raring to go.

SoThat’s it for now,

I really have so much Work to do,

So many Places to see.

And so much more Art to create.

So please forgive me if I don’t get back to you.

Thank You all so much for your comments and likes.

I appreciate every single one!

Wishing you all a great weekend ahead.


7 thoughts on “ Photographic Art work ”

  1. Wow. Interesting plans. All the best for the gallery, Karen. I think selling local is the most effective way to find clients. I sold nearly 20 images local (this year). Only 2 via Internet. And it is much more fun to talk to these people and mount the framed images in their home (a special service).

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