Early morning views over Grose Valley

Looking out from Govetts Leap at Blackheath

Blue Mountains Australia.

We had a good start to the morning except for one thing….

Camera gear – checked

Lunch and breakfast – checked

Cold weather gear – checked

Check, check….

Hubs is waiting in the car, the engines running.

I walk out and lock the front doors,

But something seems amiss,

I know I have everything, so what is it?

Something feels not quite right, and as I slowly look down

I realise I still have my SLIPPERS ON.

So a mad rush back into the house for my hiking boots

Ah! Thats better, now everything feels right.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls seen from Govetts Leap Blackheath.

We arrived at Govetts Leap about 8.30 am,

Early morning haze and mist mingled in

With the delicious fragrance of the Eucalyptus trees

and foliage from other plants,

Bark, wood, earth.

It’s hard to describe, but it’s beautiful.

I drank in the pure, fresh air with delight.

Ray’s of sunlight striking Grose Valley

which lies below Govetts Leap.


I took these shots using a CP Filter,

Circular Polarising Filter.

As the glare and position of the sun

At this time of the morning was too strong

For normal shooting.


Someone asked me the other day

About the flower shot I took,

Using the Multiple Exposure Method.

I took this shot with my camera,

Using the Multiple Exposure function in the camera’s menu.

You can also achieve this effect in Photo shop if your camera doesn’t have this setting.

Like wise – if you don’t have ND or CP Filters for your camera,

you can download programs that have this feature.


There are a few different hiking trails at Govetts Leap.

I took one that led to Evans Lookout.

As per usual there were a lot of steps descending into the Valley,

And I didn’t go the whole way,

As It’s hard for me to walk the steps

On the steep descent back up.

I would rate this track as a grade 4,

Lovely on the way down,

But hard on the way back up.


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  1. Your photos are gorgeous and just… so… so…. I can’t even describe how beautiful these are! I know a friend that would love your blog, I’ll recommend you to him.


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