Sunrise at Valley Of The Waters

Wentworth Falls

 Blue Mountains.

When ever I go on hiking trips or just out exploring places,

I don’t have any expectations as to what a place has to offer.

I do hope though that there is something there for me to capture,

As remembrance of where I was.

This sunrise isn’t spectacular,

Or bright and vivid in colour.

It’s very softness as the sun slowly rose

At 6.00am was soothing and hypnotising.

Colours changed every few seconds as the mist

And low cloud slowly rolled away.

It was only a couple of degrees celcius that morning,

I was lucky to get up just in time as the previous days hiking had really worn me out.

Racing onto the verandah I quickly set up my gear,

At this stage the gale force winds of the day before,

hadn’t had time to set in.



Quite a few times,

I had to retreat back inside as the weather was too cold for me,

Warming my fingers above the heating outlet.

Many times during this sunrise,

I found myself during shooting, stopping,

Gazing in wonder as the world,

Once again began a new day.


Valley Of The Waters is a popular yet beautiful place,

Located in Wentworth Falls

At the end of Fletcher St.

Blue Mountains.

Have a great day


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