Wolgan Valley



Wolgan Valley

I longed to be there, with them,

Amongst them.

To see what they saw.

To just be,

In the vastness of this majestic wilderness.


Towering above us,

These huge great mountains of stone,

Monoliths of nature,

Astounding us with their brilliance

And enigmatic energy.


There are no words left in me,

To describe Wolgan Valley.

But the feelings remain,

Of wonder and joy,

To have seen so much

Beauty untouched by man.



The Gardens Of Stone are iron stone formations that fringe

Wolgan Valley, Capertree Valley and the nearby Great Dividing Range.

Some parts of this great wilderness are protected in The Gardens Of Stone National Park,

Wollemi National Park

Mugii Murum – ban state conservation area.

However there are still large areas left that are unprotected.

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