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Some One suggested 

a little while ago,

that it would be in my best interests,

to keep posting on my blog.

Well I thought about it,

Hummed and Hahhed about it.

Did some research and yeh!

They were probably right.


Most photographers have some sort of social network to keep their ratings up.

It can be many things such as a blog, Facebook, Instagram and many others.

The thing is you don’t really need all of them, and if you find yourself successful on one more than the others,

Then It’s best to stick with just that one, be it Facebook or a Blog.


Frankly I just don’t have the time to be Everywhere.

With a life outside of the Internet, Photography and Travelling,

It is already pushing the limits, which is pretty much why I wasn’t going to post any more here.



With all things that are worthwhile doing,

You must be consistent, and you must be prepared to work hard.

Photographers have to work harder than most

As the competition is so fierce and extremely competitive.

You can’t afford to let things slip.



Content on your Blog posts, Galleries and Website is all important.

Only use your best images.



Quality is more important than Quantity.

This also applies to posts that feature writing more than images.

If there’s nothing to say or no new images to show every day or two,

Don’t be tempted to post any way with something that’s not quite up to scratch.

Just remember that by being on the Internet,

you are being judged all the time,

By your content.



I have been doing some research on seo on various sites and have come to the conclusion,

That WordPress has the best seo for Websites and Blogs.

All the other sites fail compared to WordPress with perhaps Smug Mug coming in second.

But keep in mind that getting in Bing and Googles good books –

No matter whether you are on WordPress or Smug Mug,

Means ratings – lots of page views and or comments.



Just a word of advice – For those that have started new sites.

It is probably a good idea to add a bit of content and finish your site before you hit the follow or like buttons.


Well, when someone new follows my site or likes one of my posts,

Sometimes I may like to see who this person is and have a look at their site,

What I don’t like, is seeing an unfinished site, with for example no information on the ABOUT PAGE,

OR no posts to look at.

This is not good for you and your site, and you will not get any followers in return.



You can bet your bottom dollar I am.

And more prepared to work even harder than before,

Both here and with my Photography.





13 thoughts on “ Best Interests ”

  1. Your image is stunningly beautiful, with very good advice. If I may I’d like to add one more thought, and that is to have fun.
    Glad you’re back and here to stay. I love your work!


    1. Thanks so much Laura, you know I do have fun on WordPress. I get so many laughs, oh and tears too as I get a glimpse into other peoples lives.


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