Putty Beach Bouddi National Park

Do you ever wonder why the colours in your images differ to what you actually saw?

So many times over the years,

I have heard people saying they can’t seem to capture the colours – color of this particular flower,

Or that sunrise or sunset.

The answer lies with White Balance.

Leaving your white balance settings on auto is ok some of the time,

Especially if you are not too particular about colour accuracy.

Settings for shooting with white balance are in your camera menu,

And you can adjust them for shade, daylight, etc.

This will usually give you true colour accuracy or very close to it.

There is another setting in your camera menu which will vary from camera to camera,

That will also determine the accuracy of colours,

And this setting is Picture Control.

Vivid for bright and highly saturated colours,

Standard and Neutral.

It is worth the time and effort fiddling around with these settings a little,

Just to see the effects of each of them, and when you would use these settings.

Camera’s usually come pre – set with a certain colour undertone,

Such as warm or cool or bluish.

You can actually go into your camera menu and adjust these settings to your preference.

Doing this will also affect the colours in your images.

And of course you can do these things in photoshop in post processing.

I know you have probably heard this before,

But it is always better to get things right in camera first.

Have a wonderful day, and happy shooting.


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