Tourists at Echo Point Katoomba

Blue Mountains Australia.

When ever hubs and I are up at the mountains, sometimes we like to stop off at Echo Point,

Just to refresh our, or my memory.

This shot was taken last Winter.


Life here has been very hectic, I am trying to paint the hallway and stairwell in our house,

Not the upper part only the lower bits.

As there was some damage to the walls – uh! a few holes,

when the new bedroom furniture was taken upstairs,

so there hasn’t been any time for photography.

Painting is exhausting work for me and my poor old arthritic bones are really suffering.

So much so that I had to take yesterday off – spend in bed, as I was so exhausted.

But it is coming along really well and I am very pleased with the results so far.


The other week our bed collapsed as I was moving it – well trying my darn best.

And unable to put it back together – it was a cheapy thing,

We had to go out and buy a new bed.

I did tell hubs that the blasted thing was going to collapse one day,

along with the tallboy that made awful strange creaking and groaning noises when ever you touched it.

So the perfect opportunity arose to paint the bedroom.


Now all I really want is to get this awful painting over and done with,

So I can get back to my normal routine and get out with my camera.


Get up to the mountains,

Breathe in the fresh air,

Relax and enjoy.


This is a bit of a rambling post today,

I don’t usually write about my personal life much at all.

But, the sun is shining,

As we are entering our last month of Spring.

I am trying to look after the garden,

But painting is so time consuming and I have little time,

Left for housework or playing with Benz our Border Collie.

If only we could afford to hire a painter,

So I wouldn’t be so worn out all the time.


But back to the garden, the roses have already had their first flush of beautiful blooms,

And I pick a stem every now and then for the house,

While waiting for our entertainment unit and coffee table from Nick Scarli to be delivered.

Which I paid for with the money I received from the sale of my Nikon D810 and gear.

FIVE MONTHS so far, and a couple of weeks.

I know there have been earthquakes in Italy.

But Nick Scarli just sends us texts saying next week or next month,

with no explanation whatsoever.

So basically no – one really knows where their furniture is,

Or why it is taking almost half a year to arrive.

Management is too scared to ring people to give them the same old story,

So they now have delegated this to the poor sales staff in the stores.

Yes we are angry, and so are a lot of other people – very angry.

Mainly at Nick Scarli’s lack of consideration for their customers.


So that is my ramble for the day,

And now I must get back and try to finish this blasted painting.




7 thoughts on “ Echo Point ”

  1. A good ramble Karen, I hope you feel better soon. I hope you didn’t pay for the furniture up front, but then if you did, what could you really do? This fella is on another continent. I purchased a Monopod and a lens hood today at my local camera shop. i think the hood would have been helpful at Hoover Dam the other day. Get well!!


    1. Thanks John, I still feel really weak but this painting has to be done. Yes I did pay up front, but I really don’t know if that makes any difference. Enjoy your monopod and lens hood.

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  2. My sympathies, Karen. There is so much painting needed in this house, but just the thought of doing it is overwhelming. My hands and knees would likely protest the loudest. Hope you get through it and recover soon. In the meantime, enjoy the fresh look of new paint!


    1. I know the feeling, so far I have painted the kitchen, dining room, bedroom this year and there are a few more rooms to do here as well, but I really don’t want to do those.
      It’s very rewarding once you have finished and recovered.

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  3. I hope you still have a camera. Why sell you D810?
    I fight hard when I get screwed by people. Hope you get your things sorted out soon. I have had no gas for 4 months and have waged war fro a long time about it. We have to c cook on a hotplate.


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