With Love

Keeping it all in and making it the centre of interest

Is extremely important when capturing images of whole flowers.

Especially when it comes to the printing process,

Where some of your image may be cropped.

Leave enough room around the edges,

So people can focus on the whole flower,

And not just a part of a petal,

Unless the petal is indeed the focal point,

In which case it must have a strong enough sense of interest,

To draw the viewer to the petal and away from the flower.

On the home front I have decided not to continue painting the whole house,

My poor bones hurt too much and it is extremely draining.

Today I am working on the hallway and staircase and that will be it.

Having had two lots of painters in to firstly paint the house,

And secondly to finish the crappy job the first lot did before I sacked them,

I am finding so many blobs of paint from the second lot,

That if you could hear me swear…….

Painting tips for the do it your selfer

Rule no 1 – Be very careful about how you balance your tray on the ladder,

And be very mindful that it is there,

Other wise you may find it tipping all over your clothes and new slippers – ouch!

Rule no 2 – Always, and under every circumstance – please bash the lid on the …… paint tin after each and every use,

Other wise, if you just so happen to drop the ……. thing – well, you may just have wasted half a tin of paint,

All over your laundry floor – and other things.

I have lots of rules but I think this one is most important –

Always prepare your work surfaces properly.

Any underlying drip marks or rough patches will show through your coats of paint if you don’t.

And if you are like me – A Perfectionist as hubs likes to call me.

Seriously this is just a matter of Attention To Detail and,

If you are going to do something,

Then you do it properly.

You will not be happy with the results of your painting job.

Look at the walls and ceiling as your canvas.

Well that’s it for Friday,

 Our stuff from Nick Scarli is supposed to arrive today – about …. time.

Have a wonderfully happy and safe weekend.


14 thoughts on “ Keeping it all in. ”

  1. Awesome photo, Karen, and beautiful tips. I know how hard painting is and it takes a lot of prep work, with painting tape and cutting in and tarps on the floors so that no paint gets on them. I’m no longer sure if I can paint due to my neck and back. And the thought of hiring someone makes me so nervous because quality these days is not my brand of quality. Take care and rest up!!! ❤


    1. Thanks Amy, I am on my last legs Amy, and have lost so much weight I can feel my bones, and am utterly exhausted. Probably all the meds and doing to much. The hallway is the last and am nearly finished.


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