Weeping Rock

Blue Mountains Australia


May the beauty of Nature,

Fill your Soul,

And gladden your Heart.



I didn’t realize I liked the colour Black so much,

So much so that I painted the railings in the hallway Black,

Just one coat, and then decided I didn’t like it.

That set my painting back a couple of days.

I really like Black, and I love black walls – when they are well done.

I am also an avid Interior Design follower.

I must have my daily dose of Interior design.

I must say though, house renovations do not agree with me,

As I like a really clean and orderly house.

So with our previous kitchen renovation a few years ago,

I went into a sort of malaise of trepidation.

But thankfully, thanks to FREEDOM KITCHENS,

Who did a magnificent and speedy job,

I really had nothing to worry about.

The tradies were wonderful, and professional.

Thank You Freedom Kitchens.


Painting is finished and yesterday was spent cleaning up,

But I still have large boxes in my lounge room taking up all our space,

Don’t ask?

I may rave and rant later.


Now finally I can get back to a normal routine of sorts,

And photography, hopefully my camera is not full of dust,

Like the rest of the house seems to be.

Dust travels far and wide when you have sand papering to do,

Before a painting job.


I am so glad to say,

That’s it.

No more major house painting jobs for me.

Next time it’s the Pro’s.

And my poor bones and aching muscles,

Gladly thank me for it.



15 thoughts on “ The Falls ”

  1. This photograph is beautiful, Karen, and YAY!!!! that the painting is finished.
    I too love black. As many times as I’ve changed my website background to another color, it never lasts very long. Always back to black.


    1. Thank You Lisa! I wasn’t game enough to paint any walls black. But the pure white walls are now slowly being replaced with more earthy colours, light greys and beige greys. I have incorporated black in other ways.


  2. I forgot to say Karen.. I love the spot of light right in the center. Just a gorgeous frame. Well done you! Again!


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