The Lake

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and now the countdown to New Years has started.

Our New Years celebrations are very quiet as Ben our Border Collie does not,

In the least, like Fire works.

Just a small loud bang can send him into a frenzy.

Just before Christmas

we took a trip up to Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

It was a lovely 15 degrees celcius at 10am in the morning,

and Long languid fingers of mist, curled gently through the valleys.

A gentle rain started as we approached Wentworth Falls, and in my minds eye all we needed was snow,

to make this a Christmas that I only get to see on television,

and of course here where every ones snow shots are so lovely.

We had morning tea at The Bakery as usual,

and then decided to take a bit of a drive around the area

before heading into Leura for some photography.

Driving through the gentle tree lined streets,

we came to a Lake which is known as Wentworth Falls lake.

For all the years we have been coming up here,

for some reason we never take the turnoff to the Lake,

and I wish we had, because it is so pretty.

Grabbing my gear we headed off for a hike,

crossing the bridge that then led us to a path that wound along the lake.

Wildflowers, some that I very rarely see growing in the wild these days,

surprised and delighted me,

as the mist rolled in and across the lake at lightning fast speeds.

Rain set in at a slow drizzle, then stopped on and off occasionally,

revealing tiny shimmering crystal balls of light on the nearby vegetation.

The lake was bathed in a myriad of colours,

from dull greys to soft purples,

reflections of the surrounding vegetation made the scene complete.

The Lake 

Is an idealised version of the original image that I took that day.

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