As the hot and humid weather of Sydney settles in to our second month of Summer, with temps hitting the 30 degree celcius

mark and upwards, I am finding it harder to get out for Photography except on those very cloudy, cool and sometimes rainy weather days which I tolerate better.

On one of our trips up to the mountains I was lucky enough to come across a few beautifully coloured Crimson Rosellas. And all thanks to the arrows and writing on the table at which we were sitting upon while having lunch at the end of a rather gruelling photo shoot.

Being the adventurer that I am, I grabbed the camera out of the car and dragged hubs up the path following the arrows and directions that were written on the table ha ha! That was when we saw the Rosella’s. They tempted me and flirted with me, took me off in different directions, through scrub and bracken. Not once did any of them let me get too close and when I did they flew to a few branches a bit further away – just keep your distance lady. Always on the move, flitting here and there feasting on the available vegetation from branch to forest floor.

The settings for manual shooting were varied and unpredictable as the birds were high up in the trees and then down low on the forest floor and I had to be really quick with my settings to get these shots and try to anticipate where they would be going next. Not knowing what was on the path I had taken I didn’t take other lenses and shot these with the wide angle.

Next trip – not sure, just depends on the weather.


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