It’s not just about the image 

It’s also about the Journey. Making sure the gear is all set, the destination mapped out and the weather is right, or not.

Setting out at 3 or 4 am in the morning, staying out till after dark. Braving gale force winds and falling branches. Getting totally soaked in heavy driving rain, sweating it out in the heat of summer, and braving the snow and ice cold weather in Winter.

Hiking for hours, searching for that spot to come back too. Climbing mountains and rocks, and sliding down them,  getting down and dirty, and putting off meals just to catch the light or atmosphere.

The exhilaration, the fear and trepidation, the failures and the successes.

Those dirty, dusty roads that turn your newly cleaned car into something unimaginable.

Flies, mosquitoes and the time you forgot your hiking boots and totally trashed your runners on the muddy slippery floor of a rainforest.

Nearly walking off a cliff because you weren’t watching where you were going.

Those moments when you don’t want to or couldn’t be bothered, but force yourself to just get out there and do it!.

And the wonderful people you get to meet along the way, the friends you make.

The joy you feel when you get back home and process those final images realizing that you got some really great shots.

I think the most important thing about it all is I get to share these wonderful moments with my Partner as well.

There is always something or somewhere new to explore and discover, something new to learn. It’s about the know – how, the Technical aspect of Photography, and the Artist With – In….

It’s not an easy path to follow, but the rewards are there In THE JOURNEY and also the Image.


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