There is nothing more spectacular and peaceful than those early morning sunrises or late evening sunsets. I took this shot last Winter of a late evening sunset, from The Valley Of 

The Waters at Wentworth Falls overlooking the Jamison Valley in The Blue Mountains of New South Wales. It was a perfect end to a wonderful day. I stayed for quite a while shooting the different stages as the sun slowly went down. If you stay just long enough at your destination for that one shot and then leave, you may miss the best show. I really like to enjoy my surroundings as I compose and shoot, I will stop for a while and just take it all in. I see so many people that just take photos from their phone and a couple of seconds later they are on their way again, that also applies to some photographers who seem to just be after the shot and that’s it.

While the foreground is quite simple I relied on the colours in the sky and the contrast of the mountains for this image to convey a sense of peacefulness and all is right with the world. While I can’t seem to rise anywhere before 6am too much these days, I did manage to get up at 5.30 this morning and went for an early morning walk. Bright and vivid colours of Orange and Pink lit the sky and the heavy fragrance of Eucalypts filled the air.

 I didn’t take my gear, but I still enjoyed the sunrise and the early morning when no – one is around, and the coolness before the heat of the day has yet to set in. This is the stuff that memories are made from, I didn’t need to take my camera to capture this sunrise and enjoy it, this morning was one of those mornings that I will remember without an image, and when I can’t bring the scene to mind, I will still remember the feeling of the morning and the fragrance of the Eucalypts.

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