Yellow Osteospermum

Yellow Osteospermum

Summer was hot, but it flew past in a flash, and now the cool days of Autumn

Wash over us with their gusty, refreshing breezes.

I picked up some new roses a few days ago, from a nursery just past Swanes at Dural, they stock a great range of David Austin roses, which are my favourites for their delicious perfume – I just want to eat them.

Rain intermingled with clouds set in grey, as I wandered the aisles of the roses. I knew I should only be looking for the ones on my list, but the flowers – oh the flowers!.

So many, for late Summer, I soon forgot my list and bent to test the fragrance of the ones that caught my eye.

Dazzling sun and intense heat broke through the cloud cover intermittently and I was glad I lathered on the sunscreen. Finally, and after much deliberation the decisions were made.

Roses were loaded into the car and then carted home. I had the spots picked out for my new beauties and after digging in spades of cow manure they were planted, watered and mulched.

Autumn, such a wonderful time of year, it’s just perfect for my roses, and as I walk onto my front porch the highly fragrant Best friend greets me with his beautiful deep magenta blooms, reminding me of day’s past and of day’s yet to come.


May you all have a beautiful Autumn and Spring!

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