“Mountain High”


There are Lot’s of lovely little spots to discover at Mount Wilson,

And one of these is Wynnes Rocks. It is a small lookout and reasonably secluded.

No – one was around the day we were there and that was wonderful, so I could relax, take in the views and rocks of course and shoot at my leisure.

The mist was wonderful on this particular day, and I managed to get some wonderful shots in without rushing.

Native birds were perched precariously on tree branches, so I decided to approach a little closer with my camera. One such bird stayed and gave me such evil looks every time I took a shot, it really was quite hilarious. Eventually he got sick of me invading his privacy and took off.

Flies were in abundance that day as well and were so annoying that at one particular point I swore and just as I looked up a car was coming down the drive.

Hopefully they didn’t hear and think that I was telling them to P… O..

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