Of Better Days

When life gets you down

try to remember those Better Days.

You remember those days and realize that yes, you have lived life to the best of your ability.

You have done and experienced what you wanted to do, even if it is was only for a short period of time.


As a Photographer I yearn to be able to go out and capture those great landscape shots, to wander the wilderness, to climb mountains, abseil, explore caves and rocky canyons.

To arise before the sun is up and get those great sunrise shots, to stay out all day scouting for new locations. I wish I could do it all.

But so far I have only been able to do what I can, and now what I could do is slowly disappearing from my can do list.

Some may know that I suffer from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis along with a few other health problems that are caused by having an auto – immune disease.

Strong medication is currently keeping me out of a wheel chair at the moment.

Recent tests have now shown that I have Severe Osteoporosis as well.

Still, I will do what I can and that probably means more studio work with flowers, So you will be seeing lots of those. Painting is another option and something I used to do, but gave up on due to lack of interest, I was always more of a doodler and sketcher rather than a painter mainly just to pass time, it’s something I don’t really enjoy doing anyway, it’s just not me.

And of course my love for Gardening?

Well, I suppose I can still pull a few weeds!


7 thoughts on “ Of Better Days ”

  1. Sorry to hear of your health issues. That flower shot is completely and utterly beautiful. Adversity can sometimes lead us to wonderful creativity. I learned to blog and make digital art when I was house bound with chronic fatigue. It’s a weird trade off though – life is a strange thing sometimes.


  2. Love Karen, photography will give you strength. Do what is possible for you! Your studio pictures are beautiful and there will be days again, where you can go out more outside! Do not lose courage! I had a very bad time in my life and photography was and is my life anchor. All love, Simone


    1. Hi Karen, sorry my english isn’t perfect, so I think “love” Karen isn’t the right word rather “dear”, 😦 I hope you did not misunderstand! I wish you a nice sunday!


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