Just for a bit of fun!

Every wonder what to do with those discarded plant pots that you buy from the nursery?

Well, I had the great pleasure of viewing some of Ben’s artwork today, and I must say I am suitably impressed by his great artistic talent.

Crafted by tooth,

His work is highly decorative and very unique with a slight lacy look, very feminine and masculine at the same time.

It also has fine black and white, single strands of gorgeous soft, slightly wavy fur, incorporated into the delicate pattern which surrounds the top section of the pot.

Odd indentations made by a Single Tooth, underneath the pattern which surrounds the pot, very evenly I might add,  adds an extra element of interest.

And just to give his pots a worn rustic look, he has also added a few claw marks unevenly distributed around the pot.

These pots crafted by Tooth, could come in a variety of colours ranging from hot pink to fire engine red.

But I think I like the black the best.

So how does Ben achieve this masterful look to his pots.

Well, lying down in a very relaxed position, he Very gently places the pot between his paws –

Oh! Sorry Ben has just let me know that he doesn’t want me to reveal his technique.

Well I will say and I know some may wonder, No he does not swallow any pieces of his projects, but gracefully spits them out, ready for collection by his owners.

This pot is a one off, Limited Edition Pot as they are very hard to find.

( Sometimes his owners forget to discard these pots in a safe place)

Well Cheers for now.


The image above is of Ben giving me one of those – I am so bored, Death Stares. Taken by me while I was testing new phone.

Other images above by Yours Truly – Just A few quick pot snaps in the middle of the day and in full sun, with whatever lens was on at the time.

The recent photo’s of Ben were taken with my relatively new iphone 7 plus, unedited and uploaded onto my computer somehow.




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  1. I was expecting to ‘just’ enjoy a post centred around those poignant doggie eyes but you really had me giggling with the crafted by tooth pot.


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