Windyridge Gardens

Windyridge gardens are located at Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountains and is about a 2 hour drive from – down here, which I always refer to home as being. And if anyone up there asks me where I am from

I always reply with a slight scowl on my face ” Down There” and they always seem to know where I am referring to.

I took these images around 10 am in the morning and continued well past lunch time, only stopping when I had finished – hunger got the better of me.

The use of a Polarising Filter helped somewhat to cut down on the glare from the sun as it popped in and out during the day. Polarising filters can be a bit on the tedious side as they require extra focusing and are only useful when the sun is at a certain angle to the camera. They can improve Colour Saturation and also require longer exposure times. Some of my photography is done when the sun is pretty high in the sky and so I always carry it with me, along with my faithful Tripod and Shutter Release.

Another way to block some glare and Sun Flares, is to make use of your Lens Hood.

Early morning when the sun hasn’t quite risen from the horizon is good for photography requiring a very soft look.

However I love to see the sun twinkle through the leaves of trees and foliage plants, it adds a magical quality to gardens and flowers look their brightest too.

Mid to Late afternoon, in Autumn in Australia is another great time of day to capture that Twinkling, magical feeling in your photography.

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