Self doubt afflicts all of us at some time or another,

Phrases like Not good enough, enter our minds

and corrupt our creative desire, especially

when we happen across someone else’s work,

which is just So much better, or so we think it is,

when in fact it is good, but it is also different to what we do,

 and that’s what attracts us to it in the first place.

I was lucky enough to wake to an email this morning,

from a very kind person who complimented me on my  Photography,

these emails seen to come just at the right moment,

to lift my spirits somewhat, so I decided to do another post,

 before my next shooting trip.

I have been lucky enough to be able to use a few camera’s in my photography.

Nikon’s D3200, D810 and D7200.

Using Nikon’s D3200 is great, it’s easy and light,

and yes you can get some really great shots with this camera,

although it won’t print super large images for you,

it’s still a great camera to use.

Nikon’s D810 was my favourite camera.

Full Frame and quite heavy.

The lenses that I purchased to go with it were also quite heavy.

I loved it, it was great shooting with it and the lenses were fantastic.

I loved the fact that it had an iso lower than 100,

and performed extremely well in low light,

with the help of the lenses.

The view finder was larger too and easier to see through,

than on my other camera’s.

It was just too heavy for me, so I then purchased Nikons D7200,

and while I am happy shooting with it,

and the old lenses from the D3200 plus one new lens,

I still miss the Professionalism of the D810.

I can get some nice size prints from my D7200 20 x30 inch and higher, so you really don’t need a full frame for printing. My d3200 has also given me some nice size prints as well.

The thing here is, they have all done a great job for me.

From the entry level camera, to the mid range,

and then the Pro level camera.

While a more expensive, Pro level Full Frame camera,

 with the Right Lenses can get you better Quality images,

the knowledge of how to use a camera to it’s best advantage,

and how to see a great shot,

needs time and a little experience.

For some, a lot of time and experience,

as we all have different learning curves.

As for phone camera’s, and I have an Apple iphone 7plus.

I tried it a few times and just give me a normal camera any day and I will be happy.

It boils down to comfort and ease of use,

it’s what you are happy with,

and of course it has to perform well,

be weather proof and a whole lot of other little things.

Due to health reasons Photography is my hobby,

I do not do it for a living.

If I did I would use a really good Full Frame Camera such as Nikon’s D810.

You don’t need to have a whole lot of lenses,

I only use two lenses most of the time.

One for Macro and one for Landscapes.

That’s all I need and all I want to carry with me.

The more lenses the greater the weight you will be lugging around.

Be practical, both in terms of how much gear you really need,

and the cost, buy the best you can afford

and then learn how to use it proficiently.


“Until Tomorrow”



3 thoughts on “ A little about your camera ”

  1. Great photo and advice Karen. I’ve thought about purchasing a Macro lens. Purchased my Nikon D3300 with it’s kit lens, then added a Prime and a Nikkor 70-300mm. Love that big lens, it’s my go-to most of the time. The Prime focuses so fast, love it. Honestly, I thought you were a pro photographer, your photos are so beautiful every time Karen. Be well!! ❤️😌


  2. I love my D800, having progressed through a D200 and D300. The full frame simply delivers great images. It gives far more artistic control, and coupled with my recent 90mm macro has opened up a whole new world. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


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