Before I start with STYLE I will say a few words about the images below.

Taken at

Breenhold Gardens at Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia.

I really wanted to go back to Breenhold especially at this time of year and it didn’t disappoint. I have seen quite a few shots of the same spot at Breenhold, some well done, some not and some with a distinctly natural look to them. I set out to try and capture something more unique and showing the true spirit of this very large garden. I also took a few shots from different angles of The Spot that every Photographer favours and hopefully these go down well and have a unique and interesting feel to them. They have been processed very carefully to bring out the richness of the colours, which suits the mood and feeling of each image.

“The Sound Of Footsteps”


Art or Fine Art Photography is not so much about style, but more about feelings and mood. It is about how you felt and what you saw or didn’t see at that particular moment.

“As a Photographer, I don’t think about style”.


Although I know a lot of people do and stress about trying to develop their own style. Style if it really exists as such develops naturally and over time and quite often changes as the photographer grows and also moves in a different direction.


“I don’t usually take photographs for the sake of it,

the subject has to reach out and touch my soul”.

“And only then, can I do my best to portray how I felt and what I saw at the time through my camera”.


The rest of my images from Breenhold Gardens – “Garden Whispers” is on my Gallery page on this website, and I have also spoken a little bit more about them as well.

I do hope enjoy them, and I also hope they speak to you and portray that certain mood that I was trying to capture with my camera and post processing.

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