So what do you do when you travel a fair way expecting to get some great shots, but guess what! You see nothing that inspires.

There are so many things you can turn your eye to see,

and photograph, so many of them are ordinary everyday things that most people just take for granted and walk on right by. Trees, buildings, leaves and bark or anything that captures your imagination you can turn into a great photograph or digital work of art.

Blackheath in the Blue Mountains is such a pretty little suburb, and we decided to take a drive around a few streets. Autumn leaves shone brightly with colour as the sun dipped in and out of a very chilly mid – morning.

Parks are lovely relaxing places to spend a couple of hours in gently taking in the garden views. Unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to get too many shots here of what I had in mind.  Actually none.  So I decided to focus my attention on other things that are equally interesting and can make great Abstract images.

In this case I took a few shots of the bark of a magnificent old tree and added some extra colour to give it a golden glow. Soft smooth bark contrasts sharply with the old rough textured bark and casts dark shadows which are visually arresting.

“The Unveiling”

A lovely Asian man who we saw earlier with his camera came up to watch as I was taking the shots of the tree, and must have thought I was a bit weird as I was rubbing my hands up and down the rough and smooth parts of the tree feeling the different textures and commenting on them. My husband also quite often thinks I am totally insane, but who cares really! But back to the man, who we found out couldn’t speak English but I think was just a tad lonely. In a rather weird non-speaking way we became friends and I think that sorta cheered up his day a bit, I know it did mine.




Oh! and make some friends along the way.


3 thoughts on “ There are other things to photograph ”

  1. thank you so much for this!
    I think my photography has suffered most when I am in environments that I think won’t inspire.
    But your advice to start thinking abstractly about the everyday things will definitely be something I will incorporate in my thinking to become a better photographer!!


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