Being at home all day with a debilitating illness, and unable to work, I discovered blogging through my love of Gardening. I had no idea on how to use a computer let alone set up a blog and with the help and great patience of my son,

I finally found myself on Blogger with a garden blog. I found great  pleasure for a time in Garden Blogging although my images were very, very average. I soon discovered that blogging is not enough, you need great images to go with them.

Thus began my Journey into Photography. I had used an SLR camera on and off over the years but only to take quick snaps of things that interested me, mainly of Rocks and Seascapes.

As my photography improved, my lack of enthusiasm for garden blogging decreased, and finally I became so bored with reading and writing garden blogs, that I decided to put all my energy into Photography and purchased my first DSLR.

As my illness became worse and I was no longer able to do much in the way of gardening, Photography became my creative outlet, which is when I moved from Blogger to WordPress.

At the time I thought my images were really great, but in fact they were not so great at all compared to others images. So I copped a bit of flak from that. It took a while to get off Auto Mode, but I finally made it and haven’t looked back since.

As time has passed, and not all that much time at all, I have really enjoyed being part of the Photographic community at WordPress and have learnt a lot from being here with other Photographers. Of course there was much research done on the subject outside of WordPress from other Photography sites as well.

My Journey still continues to this day, although at a slower rate as the illness becomes worse. I no longer do much walking and travelling can be very tiring. Hours at the computer are tedious and put strain on muscles and tendons already weakened. Having to downsize to a lighter camera and gear was a choice made for comfort and practicality, as heartbreaking as it was. At times my current camera feels impossibly heavy for me.

The trick is not to do too much of any one thing, and only for short periods of time.

My Photography to some other photographers may not seem all that crash hot, but I feel happy and content to know that there are people who admire my work, who constantly visit my site for information and to view my images. I am happy that I have made it this far and am able to inspire others with my images, for their own Photography.

I am not a Great Photographer, although there are some who insist that I am, perhaps to boost my spirits at certain times.

My journey in Photography was and still is, to create the best images that I can, and also to be at one with nature while I still can.

“One can never stop learning in Photography.

Because the Light is always changing, in any one given moment in time, it is never the same.”


Many Thanks to all those people who have read and left comments on my posts. To all those kind people who send me emails complimenting my photography, and to those asking questions.

Your kindness and encouragement has given me the courage and strength to go on with my Journey.

Many Thanks to my wonderful husband who takes me to some really out of the way places for Photography sometimes, and who sometimes out of sheer boredom and a crook back, may sit in the car for an hour and a half while I am out there. His kindness and support of my hobby, his encouragement and at times extreme impatience in travelling, with lot’s of swear words, when I say out of the blue – stop here. His patience with my frustration of not being at places at the right time, or at not being at the right place at all.

Photography is not all fun and games, and sometimes only sheer will and strong determination to do something, can carry you through. Don’t forget the planning and research and the…..


12 thoughts on “ The Journey ”

  1. Dear Karen, thank you so much for your honest and moving words. Behind every photo and text are the feelings of a person. And what I read, see, and feel on your blog is the reason I follow you. Keep going if photography gives you strength! Stay well! Simone

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    1. Thank You so much Dear Simone, your comments are always appreciated here. I also enjoy your photography, you do it so well and put great emotion into it.

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  2. Great read Karen. I’ve admired your work for a good bit now and still enjoy your photos. I wish you good health and happy clicking in the future. 😌❤️


  3. It was good to learn a little bit more of your backstory, Karen. I’m sorry to read of your physical challenges.
    I have to disagree with you – I think you ARE a great photographer! The above image is wonderful and your flower closeups are unforgettable! So please take away the yardstick, forget the measuring against others and know that your work pleases many. ❤


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