Mount Victoria Blue Mountains

Simply put, Perspective is all about how you see things. Your particular view of a subject or your view or angle of a landscape.

Jenolan Caves Blue Mountains

When I travel for Photography which I have to do because I don’t live near anything that I wish to Photograph, I don’t have much time, as these trips are usually day trips with the odd overnight stay.  Much of my Photography is done from lookouts, and so is every one else’s. To get unique shots from highly visited lookout spots, you need to see things from a different perspective.

Cape Solander NSW

Also I am not up to doing major hiking trips to find new and unusual spots. Most Lookout points have great views, and you need to incorporate good composition,

and interestingness alongside of perspective. These three things go hand in hand for great shots.

Blue Mountains NSW

When the views from a particular spot have nothing inspiring to photograph, try looking around you. Bend down low, lie on your stomach, don’t be afraid of what others may think. Walk around, take your time, look at what nature has to offer.  Landscape shots, are not the only way to remember a particular place. Just as Sunrise and Sunsets are not the only things to photograph. Daytime photography has such great rewards and so much subject matter. It’s how you look at it, Perspective.

Blue Mountains NSW

Going back to one of my favourite lookout spots in the mountains, I was lucky enough to be there at the right time to capture these amazing clouds.

Blue Mountains NSW

Without the clouds in the above photograph, this image would look a little less interesting. Look to the sky, try for a different angle.

I quite often photograph amongst tourists at the mountains, and one time I was trying for a different angle, I distinctly remember one bloke coming right over to where I was and trying to see what I was looking at. Say no more.

Kanangra Boyd National Park, Blue Mountains.

Taken from a popular lookout spot at Kanangra Boyd National Park during the middle of the day. Sometimes shooting in monochrome can turn an average looking shot into something a lot more interesting.

Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse Seal Rocks NSW

There wasn’t too much time do a lot of exploring at Seal Rocks and I didn’t manage to get many unique shots. I also didn’t want to capture the same old lighthouse shots, so I tried a different perspective on the Lighthouse.

You don’t have to do a lot of hiking, or camping out in the wilderness or travel far and wide to get great shots.

Great shots are already on your doorstep.





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  1. Wow, beautiful photography Karen!! If we lived near each other I’d be asking for lessons! The very first photo, or fifth, is fantastic. Looks angry yet so peaceful and beautiful. Hope you are feeling well!! ❤️


  2. Fabulous and creative images, Karen, and your commentary and suggestions are excellent. I enjoyed my trip to the Blue Mountains when I lived in Sydney for a few months.


  3. Wonderful photos, and I appreciate seeing the beauty of NSW through your perspective. Maybe I will get to Australia some day.


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