Nature provides us with so many different opportunities to photograph her.

Leaves shimmering in the sunlight, grasses slowly waving in a cool breeze. Mist and fog are my favourites especially when I am in the mountains and you can see some of these in the landscape gallery.

Sky, clouds, rocks, bark… So many wonders of nature to photograph if only you stop to see the beauty that lies all around you.

Blue Mountains NSW


Mount Wilson Blue Mountains

“Pleased To Meet You Too”

Mount Wilson

Banksia Ericifolia growing along Narrow Neck Trail Blue Mountains.
Along Narrow Neck Trail Katoomba Blue Mountains.
Algae growing on deceased tree stump, Narrow Neck.


“Golden Showers”

Pretty foliage of the Ginkgo Biloba Tree.

“Morning At The Lake”

The Blue Lake at Jenolan Caves.


Rushes 1 and 2 Wentworth Falls Lake.

Blue Mountains Australia.

dsc 1996 rushes - 2 wentworth falls lake web
Rushes – 2


“Crimson Rosella”