This series of images were taken at the highly photographed Breenhold Gardens at Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountains Australia.

Apart from the glorious autumn colour, Breenhold Gardens has much more to offer, and so I decided to visit Breenhold one more time for a different take on this large garden. There are many, many trees here and it wonderful for a leisurely stroll with glimpses of the far off mountains. There were some flowers still in bloom, but I think the most appealing feature of this garden for me, is it’s trees and the courtyard with it’s enticing gates.

I was here long after the many visitors left and so I was able to get more of a feel for the garden and created this series of images “Garden Whispers”.

“Tree Ferns”
“The Sound Of Footsteps”


2 thoughts on “ Garden Whispers ”

  1. A beautiful garden made magical by your lens. Thanks for capturing not only the beauty but also the mystery and feeling of the place. As spring, with it’s many garden chores is in full swing here, it’s nice to think of relaxing autumn.


    1. Thanks Peter, Autumn has it’s many tasks but not quite as much as spring Enjoy your Spring as it is one of the most magical of the seasons, even with the burden of work that it brings.


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